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RapidCopy (RapidCopy Pro)

RapidCopy is portable version of FastCopy that runs Mac OS X.

RapidCopyMultiLauncher(RapidCopy Multi Instance Launch tool)
RC_MultiLauncher.dmg   usagefrom LespaceVision

2015/04/23 created

RapidCopy(Pro)BBS is here

0. Introduction

This is a Manual Page of RapidCopy(FastCopy for Mac OS X). Please read carefully the following points.

  • Based on the great original FastCopy v2.11. manual.
  • RapidCopyPro and making it the common man. Please refer to the introduction for feature differences between the Pro version.
  • 1. About

    FastCopy is the Fastest Copy/Delete Software on Windows.
    RapidCopy is portable version of FastCopy that runs Mac OS X.

    Automatically selects different methods according to whether Source and DestDir are in the same or different HDD.
    Diff HDDReading and writing are processed respectively in parallel by separate threads.
    Same HDDReading is processed until the big buffer fills. When the big buffer filled, writing is started and processed in bulk.

    Because Reading/Writing are processed with no OS cache at all, other applications don't easily become slow.
    Include/Exclude Filter (UNIX Wildcard style) can be specified.
    GUI and some function constructed by
    Qt Framework For the purpose of performance, Using a POSIX system call to replace the Win32API.
    Add a number of features such as xxHash verify and copy result EMail sending.
    RapidCopy for Linux has been published on Github.
    The RapidCopy There are two versions.

    Please refer to the table below for feature differences.
    RapidCopyRapidCopy Pro
    Sell on Mac AppStore×
    File->Open New Window×(*1)
    Direct path edit src/dest
    /path history
    copy symlink as data×
    CLI support×
    post-process shell launch
    /post-process user sound select
    JobList Mode×○(1.1.0)
    CSV Log output×○(1.1.0)
    SONY ODA option(*2)×○(1.2.0)
    (*1)RC_MultiLauncher.app supports multiple RapidCopy launching. Download is here
    Usage is here
    (*2)SONY ODA Options are sold separately.But now,sales only in Japan.

    If you want to know the changes from FastCopy, Please refer to change list from FastCopyV2.11
    Future this program we want to open source. but,,
    I want you to pay the money for a while for development funds because I also salaryman. I'm sorry :)

    2. License

    Copyright 2004-2012 SHIROUZU Hiroaki All rights reserved.
    Copyright 2015-2019 Kengo Sawatsu@L'espace Vision All rights reserved.


    3. Environment

    Mac OS X 10.7.5(Lion) ~ Mac OS X 10.14.x(macOS Mojave) x64CPU,64bit kernel mode launching required.

    4. Install/Uninstall

    RapidCopyRapidCopy Pro
    InstallPlease refer to the AppStore manualsPlease D&D RapidCopyPro.app to Application folder.
    UninstallPlease delete RapidCopy(Pro).app in Application folder.
    LicenseAgree Apple EULAPlease D&D RapidCopyPro.app to Application folder.

    5. Usage

    If main window is minimized, it is stored in system tray.

    Source / DestDir

    Operation mode

    Diff (No Overwrite) Copy if the same filename doesn't exist in destination.
    Diff (Size/date) Copy if size or date is different, or if it doesn't exist (default)
    Diff (Size) Copy if source filesize is different.
    This mode requires "LTFS" checking.
    Diff (Newer) Copy if source date is newer or doesn't exist.
    Copy (Overwrite all) Always copy/overwrite all.
    Sync (Size/date) Copy if size or date is different, or doesn't exist. In addition, delete all destination files/directories that don't exist in source.
    Note:You Can't select with SONY ODA mode and LTFS mode.
    Verify(Size) Don't run Copy. verify only.
    In verify mode, this process is following differences as an error.
  • Different size of date
  • File or folder exists in the Source, but is not present in DestDir
  • Unauthorized file of verification results
  • Verify mode or when "listing+v" run in RapidCopy Pro, verify against the symbolic link, regardless of the setting, and compares the file entity.
    Move (Overwrite all) Always copy/overwrite all and delete all copied source files. (It is able to change "Move (Overwrite all)" -> "Move (Size/date)" in settings dialog.)
    Note:You Can't select with SONY ODA mode and LTFSMode.
    Delete Delete all files/dirs by force.
    Note:You Can't select with SONY ODA mode and LTFSMode.

    Buttons & Options

    Execute The copy operation is executed. While copy is executing, this button changes "Cancel..." button.
    Listing The files and directories list that will be copied and deleted are displayed.
    output reference is here
    (Compare file pairs that will be skipped(except skipping by filter), if this button is pushed with pushing Command key(button label "listing" -> "listing+v"(*2)))
    Buffer size Specify the size(MB) of the main buffer for Read/Write oprations.
    Speed Control Specify "Full Speed", "Auto Slow"(*1), "9"~"1", "Suspend".
    If you feel it is hogging resources, it is recommended to set to "Auto Slow" (If it detects mouse moving/active window changing (and fastcopy window isn't foreground), it is slowed down).
    If "Full Speed" isn't selected, low process priority class is set.
    (This setting is not saved by job manage)
    NonStop Don't interrupt even if errors occur by Read/Write/Delete, and keep processing as much as possible.
    (However, errors are displayed in the main window, and recorded in the error log.)
    Verify Verify written files data.
    By default, verify with xxHash.
    You can choose any of the hash algorithm in Settings->General Settings->I/O configuration.

    ... Action detail: Read(Src) -> xxHash(Src) -> Write(Dst) -> Read(Dst) -> xxHash(Dst) -> Compare xxHash(Src/Dst)
    (Of course, all actions are processed in parallel as much as possible)
    Estimate Display the estimated complete time. This means will cause RapidCopy to investigates source tree before starting.
    Top RapidCopy window is always top-level.
    Start at once Start at once without waiting for the finish of other RapidCopy instance(s) executing. (This button doesn't show when other RapidCopy isn't copying.)
    "?" Show help
    (*1)It is slowed if RapidCopy window isn't foreground and it is detected mouse moving, by waiting beetween I/O, changing process priority, and changing maximum I/O size.
    (*2)"Listing+V" mode is backward compatibility feature of the Windows version users. We recommend the use of the verify mode in RapidCopy.

    ACL Copy Access Control List.
    EA Copy EA(Extended Attribute).
    Please be used if you want to keep the metadata of the file.
    Ex:Finder color label data.
    LTFS Copy from/to Linear Tape File System(LTFS)
    EA,ACL,Speed Control is disable.
    Diff copy that uses the date can not be selected under LTFS.
    Replace LTFS Prohibit char to '_'.
    Please refer to the BBS for LTFS support information.
    SONY ODA Copy from/to SONY Optical Data Archive(ODA)
    Replace ODAUDF Prohibit char to '_'.
    By default, FastMode(PACKED_WRITE) is used to write data at high speed.
    To reduce the risk of power failure, uncheck "Preferences" -> "General settings" -> "Sony ODA Settings" -> "Safe Mode".
    Removing the above check is synonymous with "Synchronize management data to media immediately after completion of writing files." in "Optical Disk Archive Utility."
    In addition, specifying "FastMode" and "SageMode" of RapidCopyPro overrides the setting of "Optical Disk Archive Utility".
    Please refer to various ODA manuals for further details.
    Wipe & Delete (prevent deleted files reviving) Rename filename and Overwrite random data before deleting. EA isn't overwritten. If NSA method is checked in setting dialog, Overwriting Random data process runs two times, and overwriting NULL data process runs once.

    Handling of Alias(by Finder)/Symbolic link(by "ln -s")

    Diff/Copy By default,copy the symbolic link itself.
    In the case of RapidCopy Pro, you will be able to copy the target of a symbolic link of the entity in the config.

    Default behavior is here.
  • Alias(make by Finder):Copy the alias itself regardless of the contents of the setting.(*1)
  • Symbolic link(ln -s):Copy symboliclink as link.(*2)

  • Move Always move the alias and symbolic link itself.
    Delete Always remove the alias symbolic link itself.
    (*1):Please attach the EA always. It may not work properly if EA does not exist.
    (*2):Will be the behavior of --recreate options equivalent of below is always active.


    File -> Open New Window(Only RapidCopy Pro)

    Open In New Window.
    ShortCut is Command+N.

    File -> Save Bug Report(Only RapidCopy Pro)

    generate Bug Report Data.
    Generate file to "$HOME/Desktop/YYYYMMDD-HHMMSS.zip"

    JobMng -> Manage Single Job(Only RapidCopy Pro)

    Register/Restore parameters in main window as named job.
    Add/Modify Add/Modify prameters in main window(Source/DestDir, Operation mode, Buffer size, Nonstop/Verify/Estimate/ACL/AltStream/Wipe&Delete/Filter checkboxes, Filter strings, HDD mode) as named job.
    Delete Delete registered job.

    JobMng -> JobList Mode(RapidCopy Pro only)

    Save a set of job as JobList and run JobList as copybatch.
    Job order can be changed.


    Load job list, save, and delete.
    Create/Save List Create/save the contents of the current job list.
    Delete list Delete current job list.
    When deleting the job in the job list is all will be removed.
    (If the job of the same name outside the deleted job list exists, it does not delete)
    Force Launch If check off, a fatal error occurs in any of the job(ex:Src/Dst path invalid, memory allocate error), it does not start all subsequent job.
    Please check to think well the order dependent.

    JobList Edit

    Adding a job to job list, delete, reorder,running etc..
    Support D&D reorder.
    Add Job Add the contents of the current main window as a new job in the job list under the name of YYYYMMDD_HHMMSSZZZ.
    Execute JobList Runs current job list. If job list is running,it will cancel button.
    Cancel JobList Cancel current job and cancel all later job.
    note:Can't cancel executed job(s).
    Double click job in joblist change the name of the selected job.
    Up key while holding down the Option(Alt) key It will raise the execution order of the job.
    Down key while holding down the Option(Alt) key It will reduce the execution order of the job.
    Drag and Drop in Job order Swap order.
    Delete Job Delete job from the job list.
    Delete all Job Delete all jobs from the job list.

    Notice for Joblist Mode

    When the job list mode execution of the behavior of existing functions are changed as follows.
    Start at once Force run without waiting for the completion of execution of other RapidCopy Pro.
    cancel... Cancel current job.(If next job exists,next job will start)
    Post-Process E-Mail,Execute Command,Play Sound, Runs at job list ends.
    Log Settings Detailed log:Generate YYYYMMDD-HHMMSS-[joblistname].log(csv)file in the job list ends.
    If a fatal error, such as at each job src / dst path fraud occurs, the error contents are output to the standard log.
    CLI --auto_close:It does not automatically end if even one in a job in the job list error has occurred.
    --force_close:Forcibly quit after the end all of the job.
    Confirm before execute dialog "Confirm before execute" dialog is not displayed regardless of the setting.


    General settings. (change Default values, I/O parameters, and Copy Options, etc)

    I/O Settings -> I/O Settings alpha function can't recommend :)

    Specifies the Read/Write size when reading and writing data.
    It will be enable by writing "iomode=true" to the [main] section in the configuration file(RapidCopy.ini).
    Changing the I/O size may result in data corruption without repeatability.
    please test with "Verify" be careful! and good luck :)

    I/O unit (MB)read/write or aio_read/aio_write request unit size for OS.
    "I/O unit" * "OverLap I/O Num" is the [Max I/O size] for OS.
    8MB I/O unit size is the best performance for many environments, especially if 10G Ethernet used.
    If it is too large, I/O errors will occur. Please test and set it.
    OverLap I/O Num (v1.3.0 or later)I/O performance(especially 10G Ether) is improved by using aio_read/aio_write system call.
    (If it is specified "1", it will not be used aio_read/write I/O)
    Recommend value is "2". (because.. macOS kern.aiothreads value is "4")
    Note:Running multiple RapidCopy is likely to result in I/O error due to insufficient resources in the kernel.
    If you have a powerful multicore mac,You may change kern.aiomax,aioprocmax,aiothreads for tuning.
    Note:Depending on the file system and protocol,[Max I/O size] may be forcibly set to 1(for reliability)

    I/O Settings -> Verify mode

    Select verify algroithm. Default is xxHash
    Verify Modehash key length

    I/O Settings -> Enable Readahead

    When RapidCopy is reading the data, Enable Readahead.

    Log Settings

    Default is "Write to Log" enabled.
    Log output charset is UTF-8
    Number of history items Src/DestDirneed to restart(RapidCopyPro only)
    Write to Log(RapidCopy.log)Write summary and error only.
    Write EA(xattr) errors to LogWrite EA errors to Log.
    Write ACL errors to LogWrite ACL erros to Log.
    Write to detailed LogCreate the "Log/DATE".log file for each copy. If you check "verify", checksum add.
    Write to detailed CSV Create the "Log/DATE".log file for each copy.
    csv output format is no BOM and charset is UTF-8
    It can be converted to xls using the data import feature of OpenOffice or LibreOffice
    (Can't read the UTF-8 in MS Office)

    listup and detailed log format:
    +Add file(including overwrite)
    -Delete file
    Ends with "/"Target is directory
    Ends with "=>"Target is HardLink
    Ends with "->"Target is Symbolic link

    Option -> Auto/Same/Diff HDD mode

    Specify Auto/Same/Diff HDD mode(default: Auto).
    Command+ K shortcut toggles between disk modes (auto -> same -> diff ->...)

    Option -> Swap Source<->DestDir

    Swap Source for DestDir (for mutual update or etc).
    Source/DestDir will be modified based on different behavior whether the end of DestDir character is '/' or not. (For example, If Source is "/Volumes/TEST/AAA/BBB" and DestDir is "/Volumes/TEST/AAA/BBB", then Source becomes "/Volumes/CCC/BBB" and DestDir becomes "/Volumes/TEST/AAA/")
    If Source has two or more files/directories, this menu item is disabled.
    Command+Shift+S is shortcut of this function.

    Option -> Post-Process

    Select Post-Process.
    Set the action, such as sound settings and command execution or Email sending.
    Also, user can add new Post-Process settings.
    Sound play after running command. (reverse execution is the windows version)

    Option -> Post-Process -> Execute Command(only RapidCopy Pro)

    Execute commands in the background by handing it over to /usr/bin/sh
    If you execute multi commands,You can separate by semicolon(";")

    Option -> Post-Process -> Play Sound(RapidCopy has limit)

    Play any sound at the end.
    Support file format are (wav,aiff,mp3)
    You can set any of the files in RapidCopy Pro.
    RapidCopy only support default sound.

    Option -> Post-Process -> E-Mail

    E-mail send a copy result.
    Transmission protocol only support SMTPS.
    gmail account only confirmed the operation. Configuration examples please refer to the following.

    Option -> Show Filter

    Specify the enable / disable of various filters.
    Note: It is always disabled in move mode.

    Include Copy only the files/directories that match up specified strings(UNIX Wildcard style).
    If you want to specify two or more strings, please use semicolon as separator.
    If you want to specify directories, please add '\' to the end of directory name.
    Note:If you specify a folder to Include/exclude filters, only the first matching folder is the copy target.
    (even if there is more than one match folder you will copy only the first match folder)

    (For example: *.txt; My Folder [0-9]\)
    Exclude Don't copy the files/directories that match up specified strings.
    FromDate Don't copy the files that timestamp are older than specified date(format).
    This can be specified by not only absolute format ("20090322") but also by relative format (10days before ... "-10D").
    ToDate Don't copy files with timestamps newer than this specified date.
    MinSize Don't copy the files with sizes that are smaller than specified size.
    High number can be abbreviated using K/M/G/T character (Kilo/Mega/Giga/Tera).
    MaxSize Don't copy the files with sizes bigger than specified size.

    Include/Exclude filter(wildcard) format.
    *Zero or more arbitrary characters
    ?One arbitrary character
    [abc]One character in "abc"
    [^abc]One character except "abc".
    [a-z]One character in "abc...xyz"
    [0-9]Any single character up to "0-9"
    \Escape character (However, if '\' is the end of string character, it means a directory)
    (Note:Wild card specification same as QtFramework QRegExp::WildcardUnix)

    FromDate/ToDate filter format.
    AbsoluteSpecify "YYYYMMDD"(year/month/day).
    ex) "20090101"
    RelativeSpecify "+|- number W|D|h|m|s".
    W|D|h|m|s means Weeks/Days/hours/minutes/seconds.
    ex) "-12h" (This is case sensitive.)

    Option -> TimerMode alpha function (RapidCopy Pro only)

    6. Command Line(only RapidCopy Pro)

    A basic format is as follows.

     RapidCopyPro [--options] [--to DestDir] Source1 Source2 …
     1. Delimiter is blank character. Path name that contains a space character, escaped with a '\'
     2. If you start from the terminal, the terminal side until the end by default GUI operation will be a wait state.
       If you want to include in shell scripts, etc., please use the background execution and --auto_close and --force_close as necessary.

    Supported options are as follows.

    -h,--help … display help.

    --cmd (noe|dif|upd|for|syn|ves|mov|del) …Specify operation mode.
     (By default, "dif" is used. If "del" is specified, then "--to" option isn't used.)
    Operation ModeGUI display
    noeDiff (No Overwrite)
    difDiff (Size/date)
    sizDiff (Size) (*1)
    updDiff (update)
    forCopy (Overwrite)
    synSync (Size/date)
    vesVerify (Size)
    movMove (Overwrite)
    (*1)require "--ltfs true"
    --auto_close ... Close automatically after execution is finished with no errors.

    --force_close ... Close automatically and forcedly after execution is finished.

    --open_window ... Don't stored in the task tray.

    --estimate ... Estimate complete time.

    --no_exec ... Don't start to execute.

    --no_confirm_del ... Don't confirm before deleting.

    --no_confirm_stop ... Don't Show error dialog, Even if critical errors occurred.

    --error_stop (true|false) ... Show error dialog (and operation is interrupted), if an error occurred.

    --bufsize N(MB) ... Specify the size(MB) of the main buffer for Read/Write opration.

    --log (true|false) … Write the operation/errors information to the standard logfile(RapidCopy.log).

    --logfile standardlogfilename ... Specify the filename of standard logfile.

    --filelog (true|false|filename) ... Write to the detail filelog(detail of copy/delete files). It is stored YYYYMMDD-hhmmss-N.log in RapidCopy/Log directory. If using verify mode, write digest data as additional data. (To specify filelogname, --filelog filename).

    --filecsv (true|false) ... Write to the detail filelog with csv format.Save destination and file name, please follow the instructions of --filelog.
    If you specify a --filecsv you need to enable --filelog.

    --skip_empty_dir (true|false) ... Skip to create empty directories when /include or /exclude option is used.

    --job job_name ... Specify the job that is already registered.

    --joblist joblist_name ... Specify the joblist that is already registered.

    --force_start (true|false) ... Start at once without waiting for the finish of other RapidCopy executing.

    --disk_mode (auto|same|diff) ... Specify
    Auto/Same/Diff HDD mode. (default:Auto)

    --speed (full|autoslow|9-1|suspend) ... Specify speed control level.

    --srcfile srcfiles.txt ... Specify source files by textfile. User is able to describe 1 filename per line. (Attention: If a lot of files are specified, it will take many times to display/refresh Source display area.)

    --include "..." ... Specify include filter.(details)

    --exclude "..." ... Specify exclude filter.(details)

    --from_date "..." ... Specify oldest timestamp filter. (details)

    --to_date "..." ... Specify newest timestamp filter. (details)

    --min_size "..." ... Specify minimum size filter. (details)

    --max_size "..." ... Specify maximum size filter. (details)

    --wipe_del (true|false) ... Rename filename and wipe(overwrite Random data) before deleting.

    --acl (true|false) ... Copy ACL.

    --ea (true|false) ... Copy EA(Extended Attribute).

    --reparse (true|false) ... Copy Symlink as link.details

    --verify (md5|sh1|xxh|s22|s25|s32|s35|fal) ... Verify written files data
    Verify ModeGUI display
    falno Verify

    --linkdest (true|false) ...Reproduce hardlink as much as possible. details

    --recreate (true|false) ... Change updating behavior "overwrite the target" to "delete and recreate the target". (If --linkdest option is enabled, this option is enabled by default.) If you want always to enable, write [main] recreate=1 in RapidCopy.ini.

    --postproc (action_name|false) ... Specify post-process action name

    --ltfs (true|false) ... Enable LTFS mode.

    --oda (true|false) ... Enable SONY ODA mode.

    --nodot (true|false) ... Skip "." start files or folders.

    --xpos (xpos) ... Specifies window Xpos. Need to specify with --ypos.

    --ypos (ypos) ... Specifies window Ypos. Need to specify with --xpos

    Ex) Copy "/Volumes/srchdd" to "/Volumes/dsthdd" by "diff(Size/Date)" mode.
     RapidCopyPro --cmd dif --to /Volumes/dsthdd/ /Volumes/srchdd


    When --auto_close or --force_close or command argument error, return value to parent process.
    Meaning of the return code is as follows.

    return valueExplanation
    0(EX_OK)no error(error files and error dirs are 0)
    64(EX_USAGE)arguments error.
    79error(One or more errors has occurred)

    7. Change list from fastcopy v2.11

    Change from the Windows version v2.11, adding, main specification list of deleted is as follows.


  • Improved operability of GUI such as ProgressBar.
  • Write completion time in detail file Log (verify valid at the time of verification completion time).
  • Add new verify algorithm(xxHash)
  • Add new operation mode.
  • Add new Post-Process function E-mail sending.
  • Support Linear Tape File System.
  • Change

  • Assuming the evidence use of file corruption detection, changed the specification to record the details file Log in "list+v"

  • Delete or unsupported

  • Finder Extenstion is unsupport. (such as right-click menu)
  • Remove the ability to use the os cache.
  • Post-Process -> shutdown/standby is unsupport.
  • Copy behavior is different from the original FastCopy
  • 8. Notes

    9. Misc

    Configuration file(RapidCopy.ini)and the destination of the various log files is as follows.
    RapidCopyRapidCopy Pro
    standard log$HOME/Library/Containers/com.LespaceVison.RapidCopy/
    detail file log and csv$HOME/Library/Containers/com.LespaceVison.RapidCopy/
    RapidCopy output the file unconditionally regardless of the disk remaining capacity.
    Please note the remaining disk space.

  • Configuration file does not have compatibility in FastCopy.
  • 10. Known bugs

    11. ToDo

  • Finder Extension support.
  • Enhance perfomance at Verify mode.
  • Improved specification at the time of copy interrupt.
  • Adding multiple files copy mode(refresh core copy engine).
  • Checksum only mode support (output the checksum in the Source specified).
  • Relative Path Filter support(compatible with FastCopyV3.xx)
  • 12. History

    Add CheckSumInfo EA.(if you check "verify")
    Change default checksum (MD5 -> xxHash)
    Remove SHA-2 SHA-3 Checksum option
    Qt Version up(5.4.1->5.6.3)
    Support alpha functionaio_read/write.
    Automatically scroll to the end of the input src/dst path
    Improved CFast(UDF) EBUSY/ENXIO error message.
    Add verify error behavior option (deleting error-file instead renaming to *.rc_verify_err).
    Bug fixs.
  • "I/O unit" is always ignore and force set to "1".
  • F_NOCACHE flag is always ignored when write().
  • When write() error caused. Copy operation stopped.
  • Unnecessary copying occurs in delete mode.(waist a long time)
  • Improved verify reliability(fsync() call with non 4k align files)
  • 1.2.6(2017/11/21)
    APFS Official Support.
    Improve Windows specific error message
    RapidCopy Pro bug fix.
  • When iCloud Drive enabled, RapidCopyPro registration loops infinitely
  • 1.2.5(2017/8/24)
    LTFSMode with "move" and "sync" disabled.
    In the LTFS mode. When LTFS prohibit char convert detected contradiction,stop forced.
    RapidCopy,Pro common bug fix.
  • In the LTFS mode and convert prohibit char. one of the files before substitution is not saved.
  • In the LTFS mode and convert prohibit char. Diff(No Overwrite,Size/date) Verify(Size) can't working.
  • In the LTFS mode and convert prohibit char. If control characters such as BS (0x08) are mixed in the file name,Copying stoped with errno:22(Probably JP Only bug)
  • 1.2.4(2017/7/10)
    Change copy information unit size.
    RapidCopy Pro bug fix.
  • fix: ODA mode failed,If src includes prohibit char folder name.
  • RapidCopy,RapidCopy Pro common bug fix.
  • fix: When forbidden 0byte file exists,Stop copying.
  • fix: Verify mode failed,If src is read only permission.
  • fix: LTFS mode failed,If src includes prohibit char folder name.
  • 1.2.2(2017/2/14)
    RapidCopy Pro only.
  • Add SONY ODA(Optical Data Archive) option.(sales Only in japan)
  • RapidCopy,RapidCopy Pro common bug fixes.
  • When a verify error occurs, the copy source digest value and the copy destination digest value are displayed in reverse
  • The actual operation is "verifying", but "copying" is displayed
  • Improved number of verify occurrences when copying a large number of files
  • 1.1.4(2016/12/14)
    RapidCopy,RapidCopy Pro common bug fixes.
  • fix:When opening the file, retry if the problem is a temporary error.
  • 1.1.3(2016/10/24)
    RapidCopy,RapidCopy Pro common bug fixes.
  • fix: When set Include/Exclude filter,RapidCopy(Pro) may crash.
  • some minor fix.
  • 1.1.2(2016/9/9)
    RapidCopy,RapidCopy Pro common bug fixes.
  • fix When delete a folder during the operation, "Nonstop" does not work.
  • Delete a meaningless toolbar
  • 1.1.1(2016/4/06)
    RapidCopy,RapidCopy Pro common enhances. and changes
  • change "Verify(Size/Date)" -> "Verify(Size)"

  • bug fixes:
  • Crash occurs when Standard Log enable and repeat copy 700 over times.
  • fix memory leak.
  • Fix an exception(or ACL copy failure) when using many ACL entry with deep path.
  • some minor fixes.
  • 1.1.0(2015/11/10)
    RapidCopy,RapidCopy Pro common enhances. and changes
  • Add Preferences->I/O setting -> Readahead option
  • Write performance improvement to SMB/CIFS,HFS+,HFSX(support preallocate)
  • Support "do not update the update date" to Preferences->Copy/Move options
  • Support "LTFS Prohibit char" auto replacement in LTFS.
  • Change. Can't selected "diff copy" with date in LTFS.
  • Support new copy mode "Diff(Size)" and "Verify (Size)". (LTFS only)
  • Add "username","hostname","serial" to log and detail log.
  • Change some copying information.
  • Improvement minor error handling,securiy and others...

    bug fixes:
  • HP LTFS environment under "WriteFileProc:utimes()" output.
  • E-Mail function can't used in OS X 10.10.3 or later.
  • Copy speed is reduced when idle at OS X 10.9 or later.
  • When natural sleep,Writing to the disc does not continue.
  • When copying with move mode "CloseMultiFilesProc: close" output.
  • If Detect checksum error in dst file, force delete dst file.

    Add new function to RapidCopy Pro
  • JobList Batch function.
  • Add csv formats log output.
  • 1.0.5(2015/7/01)
    RapidCopy Pro first release,Added function for Prover.
  • License register dialog.
  • Version up information and help->"Download new ver"
  • Add option "Preferences" ->"Misc"->"Enable notification on Desktop"

  • Prover bug fix
  • Job delete function is not working.
  • Job save is not working in "LTFS"
  • When used to "open a new window" during a copy run,
    it becomes impossible to unmount the copy source / destination device until you close was started new window.
  • Copy at the end of which was used to "open a new window", RapidCopy Pro to no exception crash.

  • RapidCopy,RapidCopy Pro common fix
  • When you remove "Post-process" setting, correct the problem that duplicate entries are stored in the definition file.
  • When used to multiple running,Don't generate the detailed log file by timing.
  • Some minor fix.
  • 1.0.4(2015/6/23)
    Fixed local help file has not been updated.
    improve the contents of the error message.
    1.0.3Improves Extended Attributes(xattr) error handling.(2015/6/11)
    1.0.2AppStore English Explanation support.(2015/5/24)
    1.0.0FirstRelease for Test(2015/4/29)