Up to 6K, 16bit.
It can scan faithfully the rich tone of the film.

Scan in the 16bit 6K 3K or in order to data of all of the film gradation ,
optimize output 2K, 3K, 4K, 6K of RGB10bit log , RGB16bit log(.dpx file).
adopt an LED array sensor heat generation is low.
Heat load on the film is very low , color separation is good, too.
The information of 16bit CMOS sensor ARRISCAN by storing in the 16bit DPX.
It is also possible to record all 16bit DPX grading is possible with color grading environment for all of us.

    • Low noise ” HDR double scan” function

Scan available in SN ratio superior to the high concentration portion of the film by the ” double- scan” function .
Noise is small compared to the very HD telecine , will give a smooth image with no roughness .
Such as Blue Back synthesis also obtain a good quality key.

    • shaking image , tiny strain . will facilitate the synthesis work

ARRISCAN pin registration structure less the same as the picture shaking shoot camera .
Image sensor is not a line sensor , there is no image distortion of high sensitivity is “level sensor”.
Will analyze the 3D match move software ” boujou ” like by clean image without distortion You can more accurately.

    • Very useful size change during editing

By scanning 3K, 4K in if HD editing , and tasks such as zoom , pan when editing
Allows . I can plan more efficient color matching work effort and rescan is unnecessary .

    • Supports flexible in various films

The flexible 2 perf , 3 perf , 4 perf , also ” PT System” .
The combined position , considering processing stabilizer and ” 3k scan” is also recommended .

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