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FastCopy for Linux(RapidCopy for Linux) on Github


L’espace Vision Co., Ltd. has released FastCopy for Linux (RapidCopy for Linux) to Github.
You can build RapidCopy for your environment.

Link to Github [RapidCopy for Linux]

RapidCopy is portable version of FastCopy(v2.11)
We contribute Mr Hiroaki Shirouzu and Linux community.
In addition,I want to improve and fix RapidCopy for Linux.

*RapidCopy for Linux is Licensed by BSD 2-Clause License

checked Distribution is 「CentOS 7」「Ubuntu14」「Ubuntu15」


Improved installation method!

You can use “Davinci Resolve” “Flame” “flare” “smoke” on Linux.
It enables you to easily perform functions such as high-speed verify diff copy and material synchronization.
For CentOS 7.2 (x64) or later and Ubuntu 16.04 or later, the build procedure is no longer required.
(It is now possible to start with RapidCopy executable file only)


L’espace Vision
Software Engineer
Kengo Sawatsu