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FastCopy for Linux open source project started


Lespace Vision Co., Ltd. announced today that Started open source project “FastCopy for Linux”

“FastCopy” is a great file copy software developed by Mr Hiroaki Shirouzu.
Lespace vision has ported the “FastCopy” on MacOS X.
We sell in the Mac AppStore as “RapidCopy”.


Features of “FastCopy”

Reliable copy (verify with MD5)
High-speed diff copy
Simple and easy-to-use
Excellent copy performance to LinearTapeFileSystem(LTFS)

We will provide wonderful features for Linux environment.
In addition, We open source of the source code of software,
We believe that it will perform the widely function improvement and quality improvement.

Target platform of “FastCopy for Linux” is scheduled for the “CentOS” and “RedHat Enterprise Linux.”
Source code license will be “MIT license”.

L’espace Vision
Software Engineer
Kengo Sawatsu