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“Fastcopy for Mac” development started.


“Fastcopy for Macintosh”.

We will like to inform you that L’espace Vision has started to develop “Fast copy for Macintosh”.
File copy is work of the most basic of basics In modern post-production workflow.
We have tried the soft variety in order to improve on Mac OS X environment, but none of the software satisfied us.

There are various type of software in the world, which manage metadata.
However, to operate these software might be too specialized and complicated.
If DIT handles these kind of software, it will be all right.
But It cannot be said that to use it in a workflow in the company routinely.
I guess execute the copy speedily and securely is what everybody wants.

” If the world does not have the thing you want, just make it yourself ”
So thats why we started to develop “Fast copy for Macintosh”.
Fastcopy is a wonderfully talented copy software, developped by Mr H.Shirouzu.
It is scheduled to be completed in the year 2014.

This project is unrelaeted to Mr Shiromizu,please becareful.
The conclusive name will not be Mac Fastcopy but Rapid Copy in deference to intention of Mr Shirouzu.

So please stay tuned to the information of Mac Fastcopy on our website!!!

L’espace Vision
Software Engineer
Kengo Sawatsu