Digital Cinema Package

  • HDFull HD correspondence
  • 2KFor Chinema 2K
  • RGBRGB Processing available
  • DPX1010bit DPX file support
  • DPX1616bit DPX file support
  • ProresApple Prores video codec available
  • TIFFConsecutive numbers TIFF image correspondence available for Chinema 2K

E-4 Client SpaceE-4

  • Verification accommodations with preview facility that conforms to the DCI.
  • Production of DCP is a digital cinema format for screening, color grading, 3D Image Adjustment.
  • Supports 3D subtitle production.

DCP making service

  • Makeing from HDCAM, HDCAM-SR, TIFF, DPX, QT, WAV.
  • 3D production work.
  • Encryption support.(KDM)
  • Supports Japanese and English subtitles with XML.(please prepare .sdb)
  • DCP Mass Copy and shipping.
  • Frequency conversion.(59.54i to 24.00P)
  • Material delivery draft, the finished DCP is available on the L’espace Vision FTP server.

Color Grading

  • if necessary, relocation can also be a control panel and editing equipment of our company.
    DCI-compliant screen, you can make color grading, 3D Image Adjustment and 3D subtitle.


  • Digital cinema mastering station: Doremi RAPID
  • Digital cinema server: Doremi DCP-2000
  • Digital cinema projector: CHRISTIE CP-2000M
  • 3Dsystem: XPAND
  • 150inch screen
  • 7.1ch Surround