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Film Scan Service


  • DavinciDavinci Resolve v10
  • FCP7FinalCutpro7
  • HDFull HD correspondence
  • 2KFor Chinema 2K
  • Ultra HD3840x2160 QFHD support
  • 4KFor Chinema 4K
  • 6KSize correspondence to 6k
  • RGBRGB Processing available
  • DPX1010bit DPX file support
  • DPX1616bit DPX file support
  • De facto standard of digital intermediate. 16mm / 35mm Film scanner.
  • Image quality and high-quality wide dynamic range by double sampling(HDR scan).
  • Stable image by mechanical registration pin.
  • the world’s first C-MOS sensor.
  • The adoption of the LED light source, and high image quality with color separation and heat load reduction to the film.
  • In the design has both efficiency and reliability and quality,
    It’s most suitable for use in the digital intermediate / restore / archive.
  • Timecode EDL, by partial scanning by key code cut list can be significant cost savings and efficiency.
Film format 35mm 2, 3, 4 perforations
35mm positive film
Scan speed (35mm) Single scan : 7.5 fps
HDR scan : 4.7 fps
Scan speed (16mm) Single scan : 6.7 fps
HDR scan : 4.2 fps
Output resolution (2K) 35mm : 2048*1556
16mm : 2048*1260
Output resolution (4K) 35mm : 4096*3112
16mm : 4096*2520
Output resolution (6K) 35mm only:5460*4150
Output format DPX 10bit log
DPX 16bit log
Cineon 10bit log
EDL format CMX