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Simple media packing software「RapidPack」

RapidPack is simple media packing software.

RapidPack is software to automate the sorting of if you want to save is divided into a large amount of data to multiple disks.

Sorting unit file size can be specified freely, it can also be saved as a preset.
Because there is a simulation function, you can check whether the split in what volumes in advance.

Sorting method There are three types.

  • Copy mode:to replicate the sorting data (of course, it takes a long time)
  • Move mode:move the data (it is dangerous mode,be careful!)
  • Symbolic link mode: Create a link of sorting data, to refer to the original data.

Symbolic link mode is effective when combined with the next software

    • RapidCopyPro


  • “cp -RL” command with Terminal
  • Other copy tools(need symbolic link followed)