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LTFS utility “LTFS Quick Tools”

LTFS Quick Tools

It is a free tool to help LTFS operation in Mac OS X.
supports Format,Mount,Unmount,Recovery

LTFS Quick Tools can download below.



Please install the LTFS driver of drive manufacturers offer in front of the installation.

LTFS driver link is below.




Copy “LTFSQuickTools” to “Applications” folder.


LTFS Quick Tools has 4 functions.
basic work flow is below.
Formar->mount->datawrite(recommend RapidCopy)->unmount

  • Format

format the empty LTO to LTFS format.

Unlike traditional tar format, you need to always formatted before use in LTFS.


Input serial:In general, you do not need to enter. Please enter only those who are building an advanced management system in accordance with the serial number.

VolumeName:Please enter any of the volume name.(required)

wipe LTFS:return the LTFS format to tar format.


  • Mount

If you want to read and write data to LTFS you need to always mount.



need specific mount:specifies the path in case you want to mount the LTFS to any folder.

Eject the cartridge after unmount:When unmounted, Eject LTO automatically.

Synctime:It specified in minutes the data synchronization time of LTFS. You can increase the performance by taking longer synchronization time, but there is also a drawback that it takes time to recover in the event of a failure. We recommend the default value.


After mounting completion displays the location of LTFS folder in the “Current LTFS mount information” column, you can not select other than unmount.

You can open the location of the folder in the Finder by double-clicking the information field.

Data Read/Write operation recommended RapidCopy.


  • UnMount

Force umount:It will specify if you can not unmount. No data guarantee.

Note: unmount for moving the tape in response to a write of data, it takes a very long time. Please do not the other operations until the command is complete.




  • Recovery

When Power fail or freeze cause, LTFS can not be access temporarily, it becomes metadata corruption state.

It is a recovery function is to recover the metadata corruption state.



deep recovery:Specify only in the case of a normal recovery in unrecoverable serious failure. Since there is a possibility that part of the data is lost, please specify only if you can not read anyway.